What is the best way to clean a mattress?

Did you know that we spend 1/3rd of our lives on our beds? Well, it’s true. When we buy a new bed, we put so much time, effort and thought into the kind of mattress we want. We try out different brands, read reviews and in many instances, we check out mattresses at the store. However, when it comes to cleaning the mattress, we don’t really pay much heed to the concept. We simply dust our mattresses or vacuum them once in a while. And, Monica Geller would not approve!

Mattresses collect shedded skin, hair, sweat and other bodily fluids. Although your sheets act as a barrier between you and the mattress, all of the dirt is still absorbed by the mattress. All of this dirt combined acts as a catalyst in the invasion of your space by dust mites. And if you’re wondering that dust mites are found everywhere on a day-to-day basis and they don’t seem to be too much of a hassle, think again! Dust mites are dangerous when you sleep on them all day. They are a trigger for asthma and other respiratory troubles. Therefore, a basic cleanup by removing dust seen on the surface of the bed just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Since you’ve frantically jumped and run away from your bed as you’re reading this, let us tell you something to calm your nerves- we have a solution. You can get your mattress sanitized with UV rays. How does it work, you ask? Well, it’s simple. First, a physical inspection of the mattress will take place. This is to check the check for bed bugs. Then, your mattress will be vacuumed using a strong commercial vacuum cleaner. And finally, your mattress will be sanitized with the UV machine, ensuring that getting rid of dust mites. This process will allow you to use the bed immediately, hassle-free. The UV machine is environmentally friendly, non-chemical and non-toxic.

This kind of process is not a fun DIY. It has to be done by an experienced professional. And, well, you ask, so we deliver! My Blue Bottle offers professional cleaning and sanitization services including Sanitization of Mattresses by UV Rays. We promise to rid your bed of anything icky and help you bid dust mites adieu

Sanitization of mattresses with UV rays today!

Although the process might sound easy, believe us, it is harder than it looks, which is why you’ll need My Blue Bottle’s impeccable Sanitization of mattresses with UV rays services. Contact us now, we are a call/click away!

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