All you need to know about window cleaning

What’s the first thing you notice in a building?

Windows, am I right? Clean windows don’t only look good and enhance the overall aesthetic beauty of the building, but also allow more natural light to come in. More natural light means an indoor environment.

Your windows need a regular clean!

Over time, window glasses become dull due to the deposition of sediments such as oxidation, hard mineral, acid rain, and sprays that prevent the natural light from entering the building. Furthermore, dust and grime settlement on the window glasses has been found to cause allergic reactions, skin problems, and respiratory problems. Regular cleaning of the windows will ensure the occupants safety

Why should you hire a window cleaning services?

Cleaning high-rise windows is no easy task! Without professional help, it is very difficult and tiresome to ensure the cleanliness of the window glasses. Not only do the experts clean your window glasses but they go the extra mile to make your buildings look good! Other than their expertise, here’s what separates window cleaning services from regular ones.

The Tools

The tools of the trade at the disposal of a good window cleaning service team includes:

The Squeegee

Without a high quality squeegee, it is very difficult to clean the window glasses.


Not to be left behind, the mop is an important part of the window cleaning process too! A mop consists of two parts: the sleeve (T part) and the hook (the part where the mop hooks on). It is the responsibility of the window cleaning company to ensure that the sleeve of the mop is clean when the process begins.

The sponge

A sea sponge is a great tool for wiping water from sills and frames. Sea sponges are used to wash surfaces around the windows that are not made of glass such as dirty window glass.

The Detergent

Most window cleaning service companies prefer suds in the detergent and water mixture. Suds allow the rubber on the squeegee to lubricate, allowing the squeegee to turn easily while cleaning water spots on windows, dirt and grime on windows.

My Blue Bottle Window cleaning services

Hire a professional window cleaner today!

Although the process might sound easy, believe us, it is harder than it looks, which is why you’ll need My Blue Bottle’s impeccable window cleaning services to shine the light right through your building. Contact us now, we are a call/click away!

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