Everything you need to know about marble polishing

Marble, a stone that ups the aesthetic beauty of your home with its gloss and shine. However, with time and frequent use, marble tends to etch or stain, essentially reducing the glossy feel. After putting so much thought into picking out that select marble for your home, seeing it lose its shine is quite painful, to say the least. So, how do you prevent that glossy marble from etching and becoming dull? With our step-by-step Marble maintenance guide that maintains the aesthetic beauty of your home!

What is marble?

Marble is the diamond form of limestone, which would also explain why it’s so pretty and mesmerising. Limestone is exposed to great pressure and heat, which help turn it into marble. Remember when we said marble is just like diamonds? Well, that goes for the price and status too! Marble is expensive and one-ups the status of your surfaces. It’s a homeowner’s best friend- beautiful, sophisticated and screams luxury.

Pre polish check

Before you put on your denim overalls and grab those sponges hiding in the back of your storage closet, it’s essential to understand what kind of marble you are dealing with. Marble in homes can be of the following types: Honed Marble: This is the type of marble with a velvet-like finish. It’s usually sanded to reduce the glossiness. Polished Marble: This is the more widely used marble. It’s not very porous, making sure it doesn’t stain easily. This is the kind of marble that can get away with DIY polishing as opposed to honed marble.

Shiny Marble= Happy Marble!

Once you have completed all the steps, we are quite certain that your marble will be able to replace your mirrors! And, we’d recommend treating yourself to a big bowl of pasta, away from the marble of course.

Hire a professional marble polishing today!

If this task seems Herculian to you, you can always avail professional marble services from My Blue Bottle. We’ll bring our A-game, marble polishing machine and professional opinions and you can treat us to some pasta!

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